The nation’s first 100% Clean Green Certified dispensary.

What does it mean to be Clean Green Certified? 

The Clean Green Certification Program is based on national and international organic and sustainable farming methods. The certification process includes an on-site inspection of each operation, a review of the farming methods and record keeping used verifying the use of natural, non-synthetic sprays and fertilizers. The careful tracking begins with soil care and seed cutting selections, to planting and growing to harvest and continues through handling, processing, packing and labeling.

Why should I care if I smoke Clean Green Certified medicine?

Clean Green Certified cannabis gives you a level of confidence that the medicine you’re consuming is the safest and highest quality for your mind and body.

How does a dispensary become Clean Green Certified?

In order to achieve Clean Green Certification, a dispensary must:

  1. Follow legal and responsible business practices.
  2. Participate in a Carbon Footprint Reduction program within the facility; packaging, transport, and cleaning the facility and equipment.
  3. Handle, clean and store all agricultural products in accordance with Clean Green Certified standards, as well as Federal and State food handling guidelines.
  4. Have intelligent customer service regarding the products.

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